Geographic Profile

Region 1 is located along the Northwestern coast of the Luzon Island. It is bounded on the east by the South China Sea and on the west by the Central Cordillera Mountains. It comprises of four (4) provinces namely: Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union and Pangasinan and nine (9) cities: Alaminos City, Candon City, Dagupan City, Laoag City, Batac City, San Carlos City, San Fernando City, Urdaneta City and Vigan City, and one hundred sixteen(116) municipalities with three thousand two hundred sixty five (3,265) barangays. San Fernando City in La Union is the regional capital. It has a total land area of twelve thousand eight hundred forty point eighty three (12,840.83 sq. kms.) square kilometers and a population of four million seven hundred forty eight thousand three hundred seventy-two (4,748,372). It has eight hundred thirty one thousand five hundred forty nine (831,549) households, fifty eight thousand eight hundred sixty eight (58,868) establishments and one hundred thirty eight (138) high rise buildings/establishments.

Region 1 has eighty-two (82) fire stations broken down as follows; Ilocos Norte with Seventeen (17) fire stations; Ilocos Sur with Eighteen (18) fire stations; La Union with twelve(12) fire stations; and Pangasinan the biggest province has thirty-five (35) fire stations.

 BFP R1 Personnel

BFP Region 1 has total personnel strength of eight hundred seventy-four (874). Of this figure, forty-two (42) or 5% are officers, eight hundred sixteen(816) or 93% are non-officers while seventeen(16) or 2% are non-uniformed personnel/civilian employee. Despite of scarcity on manpower, BFP personnel of this region are performing multi-function designation efficiently in rendering fire prevention activities, fire suppression, fire investigation, emergency medical services and administrative functions regardless of lack of logistical resources and office equipment.

Logistical Capability

BFP Region 1 has nine (9) cities and one hundred sixteen (116) municipalities. All cities have fire stations. Out of the one hundred sixteen (116) municipalities, eighty-two (82) only have operational fire stations while the forty-three (43) municipalities have no fire stations.
As to the status of the fire station building, fifty-two (52) are separate buildings and thirty(30) are attached with other building. As to the ownership of the building, thirty (30) fire stations are owned by BFP while the other fifty-two(52) are LGU owned. There are thirty-three (33) lands owned by BFP where Fire stations are built and other forty-nine (49) are still owned by LGUs.

Region 1 has currently eighty-nine (89) serviceable firetrucks, five (5) unserviceable firetrucks, four (4) BER firetrucks, one (1) serviceable ambulance, two (2) unserviceable ambulance/rescue van, one (1) under repair ambulance, one (1) BER rescue van, one (1) serviceable service vehicle, one (1) unserviceable service vehicle, three (3) serviceable motorcycles, three (3) serviceable rubber boats and two(2) unserviceable rubber boats.
As of December 2013