MESSAGE OF THE OIC-REGIONAL DIRECTOR                                                                     Assalamu Alikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

(May peace and blessing of ALLAH S.W.T. be with you).

            I would like to welcome you to our website and explore the duties of the fire fighters in the nation most specifically in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

            We hope that through this small effort, we can share the vision of the firefighters to have a modern fire protection agency working towards a safe and progressive society with the active involvement of the community.

            Further, this website will enable the public to view the activities of the BFP-ARMM as part of the transparency program of our bureaucracy.

            Finally, we wanted to make an emphasis to the community that as firefighters, we are committed and dedicated to our duties and responsibilities especially IN THE NAME OF PUBLIC SERVICE.



                                                                        SUPT ADAM ALI GUIAMAD, MPA

                                                                              Public Servant

The whole month of March of every year marks the observance of fire  prevention..READ MORE  WATCH VID



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                                Musika Laban Sa Sunog, Its Advocacy



At kung kailangan nyo ng tulong
Andito na si (BERONG BUMBERO) 2X

Huwag ka nang matakot sapagkat
Andito na si (BERONG BUMBERO) 2X

Ang magliligtas sa inyo,
ligtas pa ang bahay nyo
Pati na ang buhay nyo

Nangingitim na usok halos wala ka ng Makita
Hindi alam ang gagawin sapagkat natataranta

Napakainit na ng paligid, umiiyak na ang langit
Dahil sa hagupit ng apoy na nakakatakot kung magalit

Ngunit huwag kang mag-alala kapagka nasunugan
Si BERONG BUMBERO ang syang tagapagligtas ng sangkatauhan

(Repeat Chorus)
(Bridge: RAP)

Apoy tinuring na isang kaibigan
Oh apoy isa sa ating kailangan
Dapat lang na pagkaingatan
At kung ito'y napabayaan, baka humantong sa sa isang malagim na kamatayan

(Repeat Chorus)
Fading End


"All rights of the owner of the sound recordings, musical works and performers reserved. Unauthorized public performances, broadcast, cable transmission, copying and distribution prohibited. "


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                         Business Occupancy Checklist

        Successful Candidates for promotion   Page 1     Page 2    (10 December 2013)                                       Successful Applicants for    FO1     (10 December 2013)    
        Results of Interview for FO1 to FO2 FO2 to FO3 FO3 to SFO1 SFO1 to SFO2 SFO2 to SFO3
        Results of Agility for FO1 to FO2 FO2 to FO3 FO3 to SFO1 SFO1 to SFO2 SFO2 to SFO3
        Results of Exam for FO1 to FO2FO2 to FO3FO3 to SFO1 SFO1 to SFO2SFO2 to SFO3  
        Results of Qualifying Written and Panel Interview for FO1 Applicant   p1  p2
        Results of Physical Agility for FO1 Applicant Page 1   Page  2 (28 November 2013)
        Results of Panel Interview for FO1 Applicant Page 1   Page 2 ( 1 December 2013)              
        List of Qualified Applicant for Promotion 23 Nov 2013   Page 1   page  2    Page    3      
        Schedule of Hiring and Promotion 18 Nov 2013
        Announcement of Hiring and Promotion 13 Nov 2013
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                                    Promotion  Page 1         Page 2
       Neuro Phsychiatric Medical Dental Exam  
              Recruits     Promotion  Promotion p2  Posted 25 June 2013
       Final Written and Panel Interview
              Promotion           Promotion p2            Recruit    
       Agility Results
              FO1 to FO2     FO2 to FO3     FO3 to SFO1    SFO1 to SFO2
              SFO2 to SFO3   SFO3 to SFO4      Recruits
      Examination Results for Promotion (14 June 2013) 
              FO1 to FO2        FO2 to FO3      FO3 to SFO1     SFO1 to SFO2
              SFO2 to SFO3    SFO3 to SFO4 
      Examination Results for Recruit (14 June 2013)  Page 1         
      Selection Line-up for Recruit  (13 June 2013)
                       Page 1      Page 2
      Selection Line-up for NOR Promotion  (13 June 2013)
                       Page 1       Page 2      Page 3     Page  4                         
      Announcement, Schedule of Hiring of New FO1, (Posted 20 May 2013)
                       Page 1             Page 2   
       Announcement, Schedule of Promotion for Non-Officer Rank, (Posted 20 May 2013)
                        Page 1             Page 2
                    Successful Candidates for Promotion
                    Result of Neuro Medical Exam for Promotion
                    Results of Panel Interview for Promotions
                    Examination Result for NOR Promotion (6 Feb 2013)    
                    Selection Line-Up for NOR Promotion (4 Feb 2013)    
                    Successful Candidates for For FO1 
                    Result of Neuro Medical for Recruit
                    Result of Written and Panel Interview for Recruit    
                    Result of Panel Interview for Recruit    
                    Examination Result for Recruit, Posted (6 Feb 2013)   
             *  Results of the Ongoing Hiring if FO1 October 2012
                 Final Ranking of FO1 Applicant 
                 Physical Agility Results  Page 1   Page 2    
                 Exam Result  Page 1       Page 2

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Aug 24, 2015, 8:05 PM
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Aug 28, 2015, 1:41 AM
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Sep 13, 2015, 11:53 PM
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Jan 5, 2016, 6:06 PM
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Nov 11, 2015, 6:33 PM
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Nov 9, 2015, 9:16 PM
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