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Professional Referrals

BFO-Toronto does not provide professional counselling or therapy. What we offer is called Mutual Support or Peer Support - the chance to be with others who are similarly bereaved.

If you are seeking professional, one on one counselling or therapy, we suggest that you:

a) speak with your family physician for a referral to an OHIP-covered psychiatrist/psychologist

b) research whether or not your employer has a benefits plan that may provide insurance coverage for a private therapist/counsellor OR any employee assistance program

c) read the article “How to Choose a Counsellor”

d) look into community-based mental health services in your area (consult the “Blue Book”, call 211, or search online)

e) you can also try contacting the Psychotherapy & Counselling Centre at 416-516-6969 (covered by OHIP) or the Clinic for Person-Centered Psychotherapy 416-229-2399 (covered by OHIP)