Support for Teens and Young People

What's it like when someone in your family dies?

You may feel:

  • alone
  • different
  • confused
  • angry
  • guilty
  • frustrated
  • tired

You may worry about:

  • your own death
  • the death of another family member
  • who will take care of you

You may find changes in your:

  • family
  • relationships with your family members
  • friends and how they relate to you

You may find it difficult to:

  • talk to your family about how you feel
  • see other family members in pain
  • cope with school

This is all a normal part of grieving.

You Are Not Alone
Bereaved Families of Ontario provides groups for youth whose parents, brothers or sisters have died. We help you to better understand your thoughts, feelings and actions. We listen.

Our groups give you a chance to talk about how the death has affected you and your family. In these groups it is okay to be angry, to be sad, to cry and to laugh. It's okay to be yourself.

There is no charge for our service.


  • your feeling of emptiness is normal
  • grief is a long process
  • you will be able to concentrate again, laugh again
  • give yourself time

What Some Teens Have Said
Tom: "I was angry and sad, but I didn't know how to handle it. I just let it build up inside me."

Melissa: "No one knew how I felt or cared how I felt. I felt totally alone."

Matt: "I can't talk to my friends about this."

Chris: "I thought going to Bereaved Families would be a lot more difficult than it turned out to be."

Sarah: "It was more fun than I thought it would be. I really liked being with others who knew how I felt."

If you would like someone to talk to, please call us at 416-440-0290, or email us at We have support groups that may be helpful.