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  BFOK Director

Hello Everyone! My name is Sophean and I am the Founding Director of BFOK . I live in Kok Dong village, Toek Vill Community where BFOK is based. I was born in 1983 in a rural village eighty kilometers from Siem Reap Town, but lived in this community since 2000.

Like many Cambodians I had a very difficult childhood. My family was very poor and surviving was difficult. Consequently, paying for school fees and resources were not a priority, therefore none of my family members were able to get a proper education. My parents were farmers and had 9 children to support which was a struggle. Therefore I needed to earn my own money to support myself through primary, secondary and high school. 

After completing my study, I had many different jobs around Siem Reap to earn money to survive. During that time, I worked in a pagoda as a Temple Boy cooking and collecting firewood for the monks. After I found work in various fields of employment; as a cleaner, a gardener, waiter, laundry worker and afterwards as an English teacher. I worked very hard to save money, often worked 2 or 3 jobs at the same time. 

I knew that the children back in my community were struggling and I decided that when I had enough money, I would open a school and a community center to help by bringing changes and opportunities for the children. So they can benefit from opportunities unlike myself when I was young. In February 2014, I started the BFOK and I was very lucky and received so many communities and international supporters to keep our school moving forward. We now provides opportunities to the children and the youth of KokDong, Toek Vil Commune, Siem Reap Province.


BFOK ‘s Background :


The Building Future Opportunity Kbalromeas School (BFOK)  is a registered Non-Government Organization (NGO) that provides a safe environment for over nearly 320 disadvantaged children and young  adults in Kokdong Village, Toek Vil Commune, Siem Reap City. BFOK offers educational and vocational opportunities including; English Classes, Arts and Crafts Classes, Sports Education, Organic Farming, Computer studies, Social Work and education on Hygiene, Nutrition and environmental issues.

The BFOK are leaders in providing sustainable development which will directly benefit the community in years to come through educating the younger generations now and supporting the children and their families to become completely self-sufficient and sustainable in the future. This includes addressing issues such as lack of education, lack of clean water and health care, poverty, environment issues, social issues and unemployment. Our aim is to involve the individual communities through community events and gradually roll out projects in the respective villages to improve the quality of life and prosperity for our residents.

The BFOK works through an empowerment model at the grassroots level, which maintains all paid employers, are native Cambodians. BFOK relies solely on donations and funding from international contributors and supporters from all over around the world and ensured that 100% of any funding is returned directly into BFOK for its projects and the community.

We also have our second school in Prey Tom Village, Sro Nge Commune, Siem Reap City. This school provides a safe environment for over 65 disadvantaged children and young adults.

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