JV Draft List and Results

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        Junior Varsity Draft Pool and Results
(Use TABS at the bottom the page to see the DRAFT POOL)

The JV Draft is scheduled to start on Tuesday August 21st if you want to
be considered you must indicate that you are interested by marking the
appropriate Custom Fields in Arbiter.  In order to be considered you must have a current background check and be registered with FHSAA & BFOA 

Miami Dolphins Season Opener - Sunday 9/9/18

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We are planning a group outing to the Dolphins Season Opener vs the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, Sept 9. Kickoff is at 1pm.

We have been offered tickets in the club section for $95 each. Club tickets grant you comfortable padded, wider seats; access to the air-conditioned comfort of the club section; better food and beverage choices; and lounge seating areas to catch some of the other NFL action on TV. It's a first class way to attend a game. And a great chance to bring your spouse or kids to meet some of the gang.

Members are encouraged to attend, and you may invite as many of your friends and family who would like to join us. Our goal is to reach 100 people to attend. The Dolphins have said if we bring 100, they will send two buses to transport us to and from the game. In addition to the transportation, if we reach 100, the Dolphins will give us banquet space at the stadium for our end of season banquet in November.

I really hope you will consider joining us. It should be a fun way to kick off the season!

. We need to know how many will be going. Regardless of the number of attendees, we are going to the game . But if we hit that magic number, we get the motor coach transportation and free banquet space at the end of the season. Thanks, and I hope you all can join us...the more the merrier!

If you have additional questions contact Phil Serfass -

FHSAA Rules Exam Opens - 8/10/18

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The required FHSAA exam written by the NFHS will become available in Arbiter on Friday August 10th.  All BFOA members are required to take this exam, the deadline to complete the exam is 9/21/18 that is more than a month window in order to take the exam and there is no time limit once you begin.  However there is no make-up exam provided as has been the case in previous years.

The exam has no time limit

No make-up exam will be offered

Exams are created and written by the NFHS

Officials can save and exit the exam as many times as necessary.
Once the “submit exam” button is clicked your test will be
graded and your one (1) attempt is completed

Exams that are incomplete once the deadline passes will be graded as is

Exam - 50 questions

2018 Varsity Draft Results

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The 2018 Varsity Draft is now Completed

Next Meeting - Aug 20th 2018 - American Heritage

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  No Food or Drinks Allowed in this Room  

The next BFOA general meeting will held at American Heritage High School on Monday August 20th at 7:00 pm in the Fine Arts Building in the CHORUS ROOM.  American Heritage school is located at: 
                                American Heritage - Plantation
                                12200 W Broward Blvd
                                Plantation, FL 33325

When you get to the school, the security guard will ask for your DRIVERS LICENSE also bring your BACKGROUND CHECK BADGE.  You will need your driver's license only once (the first time you go there).  They will log you in, and you will no longer be required to show them your drivers license.
Park in the parking lot that is adjacent to the EAST side of the football field.  Due South of the football field is the Fine Arts Building that has a large clock at the top. The Chorus Room (where we will have our meetings) is inside that building. Enter the doors that are located at the left corner (as you face the building) of the building.  After you enter, the Chorus Room is the first door on your left.

BFOA Registration and Dues Payment

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Links to the downloadable BFOA Registration Form and PayPal are now available for members to pay dues.
   2018 Registration Form

Recruiting New Officials

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BFOA President Phil Serfass pictured pounding the pavement trying to attract new recruits at the Dolphins Youth Coaches Clinic on 4/15/17 at Hard Rock Stadium.  BFOA is looking for individuals interested in football to become high school football officials.  The BFOA officiates all high school contests in Broward County.

The first meeting of the season will be held on Monday May 7th 2018 at Pompano Beach High School
in the Auditorium beginning at 7:00 pm.
Interested individuals are encouraged to attend.

Visit our TAKE THE FIRST STEP website

NFHS - New Rules for 2018

posted Feb 8, 2018, 7:54 PM by Vince Mundo   [ updated Feb 8, 2018, 8:01 PM ]

1-5-4, 1-5-5, 3-5-10e (NEW) 3-6-2, 9-9: Improperly equipped player shall be replaced for at least one down.

Rationale: Prior to the game, the head coach is responsible for verifying that the players are legally equipped and will not use illegal equipment. The penalty for a player who is not properly equipped has changed from a distance penalty against the team to removal of that player for at least one down. The penalty provisions for any use of illegal equipment remain unchanged and result in an unsportsmanlike conduct foul charged to the head coach.

2-32-16a: Defenseless player provisions for passer clarified.

Rationale: The committee clarified that defenseless player provisions do not apply to a passer until a legal forward pass is thrown. The passer continues to be a defenseless player until the pass ends or the passer moves to participate in the play.

6-1-3b PENALTY, 6-1-4 PENALTY: Signal change for free kick infractions.

Rationale: The signal for free kick infractions, other than encroachment of the neutral zone, has been changed from signal 18 to signal 19.

6-1-9b (NEW), 6-1-9b PENALTY (NEW), 10-4-2 NOTE (NEW), 10-5-1j (NEW): New penalty option adopted for fouls by kicking team.

Rationale: In an effort to reduce re-kicks, further minimize risk and ensure that appropriate penalties are in place for all fouls, the committee has added an option for fouls committed by the kicking team during free and scrimmage kicks. The change would allow the receiving team all of the previous options as well as accepting the distance penalty at the end of the down.




Proper Wearing and Use of Required Equipment
Blindside Blocks and Defenseless Player
Application of Personal Fouls and Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Time Management

Next Meeting - Monday 10/9/17

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NO MEETING ON OCTOBER 2nd.  The next scheduled meeting for the BFOA will be held Monday, October 9th at 7pm in the magnet auditorium at South Plantation High.  The administration at SPHS has asked that we park in the parking lot, and not on the circle please honor their request.

Thank you,
Phil |Serfass

BFOA Meeting on 9/18/17 is CANCELLED

posted Sep 15, 2017, 9:59 AM by Vince Mundo   [ updated Sep 17, 2017, 5:51 PM ]

To All BFOA Members:

I hope all of you have made it through Hurricane Irma and the cleanup effort. We are all facing our own challenges putting our homes back together and our lives back to normal. And many of us are dealing with various stresses in our lines of work. With all of this in mind, and the uncertainty of the availability of meeting space and video capabilities at SPHS, the Board of Directors has decided to cancel the meeting scheduled for Monday, Sept 18. The Board will evaluate our situation and determine when we should hold our next meeting. Unless otherwise advised, the next meeting will be held on Monday, Oct 2.

By now you all should know that this week's slate of games have been cancelled. I urge you to check the schedule posted on the website for the status of your games next week. If you do not have access to internet, please reach out to your crew chief, or a crew mate, or you can call me to find out what your schedule is. Hopefully by next week, everyone will have access to internet.

Crew stated at the meeting last is imperative that you contact each member of your crew, and this includes timers, to confirm that they know where and when they are scheduled for a game. This is your responsibility, is and always has been. But it is crucial now with our communication and scheduling systems disrupted. The Board stands ready to hold people accountable if these responsibilities are not met. We need everyone to step up!

I hope everyone can return to some form of normalcy over the weekend, keeping in mind just how fortunate we were.

Thank you and everyone please be safe this weekend!

Phil Serfass
BFOA President

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