Volunteer brigade structure

All Bushfires NT volunteer brigades are incorporated associations under the control of a management committee comprising:


        Deputy Captain

        Public Officer



        4 other Committee members

Brigades may also appoint Lieutenants, Equipment Officer, Training Officer and sub committees.

Some members can have dual roles, e.g. Secretary/Treasurer or Captain/Public Officer, etc.

The Captain and one or more other members are Fire Wardens, the number depending on the size of the Brigade and its area of responsibility. The main role of a volunteer warden is to issue Permits to Burn.

Legislation covering Brigade activities includes:

        Bushfires Act

        Bushfires Regulations

        Bushfires (Volunteer Bushfire Brigades) Regulations -
the Constitution

        Associations Act

        Associations Regulations

In addition, Brigades must work in accordance with:

        Chief Fire Control Officer's Standing Orders

        Standard Operating Procedures
Volunteer Brigades must also sign an annual Funding Agreement in which they agree to certain conditions in order to obtain their annual operating grants from Bushfires NT.