Volunteer Brigades

These pages contain information  about volunteer bushfire brigades, some fire stories and/or their photo galleries. Not all brigades are listed due to a lack of information about them.

Alice Springs Volunteer Bushfire Brigade

People should note that while many brigades have depots there are no manned fire stations. Fire units are mostly home garaged for rapid response to call-outs.

Contact details are given in brigade pages.

Contact your local Bushfires NT office if unable to contact your local volunteer brigade.

Information for some brigades is incomplete, but it's being worked on.

Also included is a page that gives a brief outline of NTFRS and their volunteer brigades.

Volunteer Bushfire Brigades - Vernon Region

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Go to Brigade pages for individual maps.

These maps have been copied from the official versions and while reasonably accurate, they are for public information only and should not be used for legal purposes or to replace maps carried in Bushfires NT and Volunteer Brigade vehicles.

Brigade districts are administrative areas: 
  • Permits to Burn are issued by Fire Wardens for the area, 
  • Prescribed burning in the area is mostly carried out by the Brigade, unless it is a major burn requiring assistance from other Brigades, 
  • Wildfires in the area are attended in the first instance by the Brigade
  • For major wildfires involving multiple Brigades the area Captain is in charge unless relieved by an officer from Bushfires NT
There are no boundaries for wildfires with all Brigades helping each other, it's just that the area Captain gets to do all the paperwork.

Areas marked "no man's land" aren't neglected, but attended by neighboring Brigades.

Water points in public areas are shown on individual Brigade maps, where known by the Webmaster. Private bores available to Brigades for filling fire units are only shown where the land holder consents.

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