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Wet season fuel reduction program

posted Feb 22, 2010, 7:07 PM by Frank Dunstan   [ updated Nov 5, 2010, 11:06 PM ]
There are two support programs for landholders at the moment:  

The first sponsored by Weeds Section whereby through our (Bushfires NT) network we provide gifted poison and have a number of spray units able to loaned for a short period (mainly because of demand) to landholders who are willing to make a difference.  

The other program is run by Coomalie Council and allows landholders to obtain assistance with spraying by way of gifted poison and in case they require assistance to actually spray the gamba using subsidised contract labour.

    SRFCO John Whatley


Some BFNT volunteers are also actively involved in reducing fuel loads, and hence bushfire hazards, by spraying gamba and mission grasses on NT Government lands in their local areas  using herbicides supplied by Bushfires NT.

People wishing to help out with this control program should contact their local volunteer bushfire brigade, or Bushfires NT, Batchelor HQ. With enough people involved we can make a real difference with these noxious weeds and make our communities that much safer from bushfires.