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Firebreak Enforcement Program 2009

posted Aug 27, 2009, 11:45 PM by Frank Dunstan   [ updated Oct 23, 2010, 5:52 PM ]

Tuesday 11th August 2009

This information and blurb compliments Bushfires NT, Batchelor

The Section 47 Firebreak Enforcement Program 2009 is well underway. Under the Bushfires Act 2004, it is a Landholders responsibility to control fire on their property. In most cases (in “Top End” areas with average fuel loads i.e. no greater than 6 tonnes per hectare), the easiest way to achieve this is to clear firebreaks or fire access trails. The recommended standard for these properties is an area cleared to a width of 4 metres, mineral earth or slashed to a height of between 25-50mm with the slash removed. These fire access trails are to be maintained on an annual basis by the owner until such time as the property is sold or otherwise disposed of.

This year, Bushfires NT have inspected over 4000 properties with favourable results from most landholders. Of the properties inspected, 714 properties were found to be non-compliant and issued with fire-break warnings. A majority of these landholders contacted us upon receiving their warning, and attended to their fire-breaks promptly. Only 201 Fire-break Notices had to be issued and from these, only 32 landholders failed to comply with their Fire-break Notice. The Senior Fire Control Officer (North) raised Orders for these 32 properties to have fire-breaks established.

Bushfires NT would like to commend all landholders who attended to their fire-breaks in a timely manner in preparation for the Fire Season.