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Clean Up Australia Day 2010

posted Nov 30, 2009, 9:50 PM by Frank Dunstan   [ updated Oct 23, 2010, 6:19 PM ]

Litchfield Council are getting in early this year to commence organising the annual Clean Up Australia Day 2010 which will be held on Sunday 7 March 2010.

As the Litchfield Council motto is ‘Community Effort is Essential’ we recognise and value the great efforts and voluntary contributions made toward the community by volunteer community  groups such as yours.

We are all aware that littering is a big and costly problem in our community and events such as Clean Up Australia Day help to raise the issue and hopefully affect some changes - even if they are but small ones!

In the past, different community groups have identified certain areas within their community to participate in the Clean Up Event. Council has supplied volunteers with gloves, sharps containers and garbage bags and are offering the same  support again for next year.  

I am  wanting to seek the involvement of the rural Volunteer Fire Fighters to assist in the Clean Up Australia Day 2010 and to ask how I can best get this email message out to all the rural volunteer fire brigades. I can’t seem to find any individual email addresses for each brigade.  Do you have a group mailing list that I could ask you to forward to them on my behalf?

Even if the volunteer firies can offer to do some drive by’s to sprinkle the clean up volunteers with a bit of refreshing water spray on the day could be a lovely way to get their involvement?



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