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All material published in this website is for information purposes only. 

Maps have been copied from official versions, and while fairly accurate are not guaranteed to be 100% correct. Maps in this website should not be used for legal purposes or to replace the official versions.

Much of the material on this website is opinion based on personal experience gained at hundreds of bushfires. The website owner does not guarantee that the information is complete or correct and does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage suffered by any person or body relying directly or indirectly on any information contained within this website.

For the authorised versions of all reports, guides and other publications, please follow the links within or at the end of all articles. Bushfires NT should be contacted for all authorised bushfires information.


This website is owned and operated by Frank Dunstan, Copyright 2009.

You are free to copy, transmit and distribute materials on this website in whole or part on condition that they are not altered or amended and that credit is given to the author, where named, and this website as the source of the material.
Firies share their photos to the extent that you could consider them to be public domain within our group and they have been posted on this website with that understanding. Where known, photos have been credited to the photographer. Those without credit have either been taken by the webmaster, or photographer unknown.

Persons who do not want to have their photos on this website, or who wish to be credited with photos should contact the webmaster.

Photographs that are identified with a contributor are the property of that person or organisation and may not be used without their permission. All other photographs may be freely used on condition that credit is given to this website.

Credits should state: © author’s name – sites.google.com/site/bfntvolunteers

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Anonymous materials should be credited: © sites.google.com/site/bfntvolunteers

Anonymous photos should be credited:  courtesy