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Northern Territory Bushfires patches

Compiled by: Frank Dunstan

The following patches are in the collection of 
Bushfires NT, Winnellie.

Above: This patch has superceded the one above

Berry Springs - obsolete

These first two patches are what I wore on my yellow overalls.

Berry Springs - current
This page is limited to patches of the Northern Territory Bushfires Council and Bushfires NT and volunteer brigades under their control.

Click on images to enlarge.

For a wider collection visit the OzPatches website.

Vehicle stickers

Collectors should contact Bushfires NT or individual brigades.

Bushfires Council has been superceded by Bushfires NT and these patches are mostly no longer worn. Some brigades may have old returned PPE that still has BFC patches.

I have a yellow jacket with patches embroidered onto the material, rather than sewn on. My yellow overalls had the BFC patches shown on the top of this page, which were removed and given to a collector.

Please do not contact me asking for patches. I gave away the last that I had, and cannot help you.