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NT Bushfire Volunteers Long & Meritorious Service Medal


This medal is to be presented to a member of a Northern Territory Volunteer Bushfire Brigade in recognition of their provision of a long and meritorious service to the Brigade and the Community.

Nominations will be sought through the Captains of NT Volunteer Bushfire Brigades and will be required to be endorsed by the Captain.

Eligibility criteria for the NT Bushfire Volunteers Long & Meritorious Service Medal

(These criteria need to be considered in their entirety when applying for the award of a Medal)

1. To receive the Medal the person shall be (or have been) an active member of a Northern Territory Volunteer Bushfire Brigade (or Brigades). Active participation in the Brigade shall include;

a) operational firefighting, including fire management, hazard reduction, backburning, incident management and operational support,

b) provision of constitutional support to the Brigade(s) through ongoing participation in the committee and its formal functions,

c) general logistical support of the Brigade(s) through fundraising, provision of welfare, advocacy or promotion,

on a regular basis for a minimum of 10 years.

2. the term of active involvement of the volunteer shall be demonstrated with appropriate documentation from the Brigade(s).

3. Membership of a Brigade in and of itself is not qualification for the Medal. The volunteer must demonstrate and have verified by the Captain that they have been regular and active members of the Brigade and that their role in the Brigade has been meritorious.

4. Meritorious service must be demonstrated for a minimum of 10 years. This service may be in more than one of the areas noted in #1.

5. The Medal shall not be awarded to a volunteer who has brought a Brigade, The Bushfires Council or Bushfires NT into disrepute.

6. Volunteer Brigade membership and firefighting activities in other jurisdictions shall not count as time contributing to long and meritorious service.

Nominations shall be made on the approved form and forwarded to the Director Bushfires NT. A committee comprising the Chairman of the Bushfires Council, the President of the NT Bushfire Volunteers Association, the Director Bushfires NT and the Senior Fire Control Officers North and South will review all nominations.

An Application Form can be downloaded by clicking the link below.
You will need Adobe Reader for this download.  
Frank Dunstan,
Aug 24, 2009, 10:50 PM