Hughes Airstrip

Hughes Airstrip in the Darwin rural area has now been closed off to drag racers, driver training, general traffic, campers and visitors. It is now reserved for exclusive use by Bushfires NT in aerial water bombing operations during periods of extreme fire danger.

The tarmac was repaired after years of abuse and neglect with potholes progressively filled in.

A water tank is in place in readiness for use by water bombing aircraft; pumps and hoses will be put in place and set up on the day when required.

Volunteer fire fighters from Livingstone, Elizabeth Valley, Berry Springs and Darwin River brigades were given a briefing on the setup and access to the site. Volunteers will be used in the first instance as ground support until relieved by Bushfires NT staff members. They may be kept on to assist with water refilling as required.
One of these concrete barriers has been reported stolen since this photo was taken.