G'day and welcome to our website.
This is an unofficial site by volunteer bushfire fighters in the Northern Territory, provided as a community service to complement the official Bushfires NT website.

Here you will find a lot of information not available in the official site, and also a lot of photos of bushfire activities.

Unfortunately, this website is getting a bit out of date. I retired from Bushfire activities at the age of 70 and am now fully occupied doing volunteer work for a major charity, mostly sitting at a computer. My attempts at getting a younger person still active with Bushfires to take over and manage this website wasn't much of a success. 

 I will try to update this site as much as possible, but this is becoming more difficult as I get further out of touch with bushfire activities.

I am reluctant to close this website as it provides a lot of information that you won't find on the official Bushfires NT site.

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