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What Tyre Pressure For My Car

what tyre pressure for my car
    tyre pressure
  • This is the pressure of the air inside the tyre, it can be measured in pounds per square inch PSI or Bar. Correct pressure for tyres is designed to aid fuel economy as well as safety as under or over inflated tyres can affect the handling of your vehicle.
    my car
what tyre pressure for my car - Perfect Solutions
Perfect Solutions Talking Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
Perfect Solutions Talking Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
Perfect Solutions Talking Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Measuring tire pressure was never easier. This compact, talking tire pressure monitor instantly measures pressure and reports it back two ways: by voice on a built-in speaker and digitally on an easy-read LCD display. Measures pressure up to 99.5psi. Ideal for low light conditions. Designed with easy-grip housing, 'On' button and automatic shut-off. 1 x lithium button cell battery (incl.) Features: Reports tire presure 2 ways- vocally and LCD screen Works for autos, SUV's, light trucks and motorcycles Compact design- stores in glove compartment

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My Miyata One Twelve Fixed Geared Snow/Bad weather bike
My Miyata One Twelve Fixed Geared Snow/Bad weather bike
An ongoing (and forever on going) project. Started with a Miyata One Twelve - fairly common racey bike circa 1987. Recently, I took off the 12 speed (shimano, "light" action) drivetrain and today it has a fixed gear setup, with a 40x14 gear ratio. Wouldn't have mind it a little lower in the snow, but it's what I had. Back wheel is a surly flip flop (fixed fixed) on a Mavic MA-3 rim. The rim is a few years old, but stays true and is pretty bulletproof. The surly hub is also, bulletproof. The bearings are sealed, so if they get messed up from the snow, just pop them out and replace in the spring. The front wheel hub is a Mavic XP 21 which is much stronger than it looks and very light. The hub is just a Ultegra hub. It's really just a wheel I had around, The tires are Conti Contact 28's. They as well, are bulletproof. I've had 2 pairs in over a year with one flat. They have to be run pretty low in tire pressure, but that's not really a problem in the snow. A little heavy as well, but again, no biggie since we're not racing. Been playing around with tire pressure, do you go with low pressure to roll through stuff easily, or high pressure to cut through the snow? I'm kind of banking on lower pressure. The pedals are just some old ATB clips. I found myself riding out of them for half the time, but I've gotten pretty good and going in and out - sometimes you need to catch yourself with your feet to avoid falling. It takes some practice. The only downside really is the bike frame is slightly too long for me, so I have to reach the handlebars a lot. Sometimes, it helps to lean back while riding, to put as much weight on the back tire as possible. If I had unexaustible funds, I'd probably go for a Cross geometry, with a more upright position w/ a much shorter top tube, but this does get the job done. The fenders are a pair from planet bike. The attach with rubber things. It takes a little while to dial in the exact perfect place to set them, but you can take them on and off. They're set a ways away from the wheel today, since I didn't want ice to get stuck between the tire and the fender. In fair weather, I take them off. Both a front and back brake are on, as well as the stopping power from the fixed wheel. Brakes are pretty useless in the snow, so the fixed wheel really helps out. The hand brakes are still pretty good to have, since people are retarded, as soon as they enter a car and drive it. If I want to stop, it ain't a problem. Lights are LED's - very bright, and work forever on a few AA's
1976 photo of smushed 1975 Rabbit
1976 photo of smushed 1975 Rabbit
Ever wonder what happens to a VW Rabbit when a '68 Mercury hits it directly on the end of the front bumper? This is the first new car I ever bought. When the Rabbit came out in 1975, I bought this Custom-trim in green. Took it to Door County camping in the fall. Over the winter it developed engine trouble. Bad valves. Lots of warranty hassles. Finally everything seemed OK with it in the spring. It was near the end of April 1976. Our first daughter had just been born. We had just brought her home from the hospital and Sue sent me to the drug store for some alcohol for the baby's cord. Smoke on the Water was on the box as I drove south on Smith Avenue. I started to cross Annapolis Street on the green when I saw the Mercury coming. I got on the brakes. Smack. The car turned a fast 90. I looked up. The light was still green. A teenage girl had blown off the red light. I went inside the drug store on the corner, bought a bottle of alcohol and called home. The front fender of the Mercury was hopelessly entangled in the tire and the car would not roll. The girl called a tow truck. The VW looked like it would roll just fine. I was wondering how to get it home when my cousin's husband drove up in his Dodge pickup. I had brake pressure, so we put a rope on it and pulled it home. I started taking pictures. I had the car taken to the dealer. The sales manager warned the body-shop guy not to bid this one low to get it. He didn't listen. The girl’s insurance guy told me they were going to fix the car. I told him he had two choices: He could write me a check today or he could have me call him up at home every time I heard a squeak or a rattle. He wrote the check. We bought a new Chevy pickup.

what tyre pressure for my car
what tyre pressure for my car
My race car
From the author/illustrator of the very popular My Fire Engine, a picture book about race car driving that is simple, accessible, and suspense-filled.

"Today is the day of the big race. The pit crew is ready. The driver is suited up and strapped in. The engine is loud, and the spectators are all waiting for the race to begin. The cars are on the starting line, and when the green flag waves they're off!"

In this very young, action-packed picture book, a little boy imagines that he is a race car driver-with all the thrills, spills, and excitement that go along with the job. Loaded with accurate details, this is a playful look at a sport that fascinates kids of all ages.

Like My Fire Engine, My Race Car's bold, graphic art brings this funny, informative story to life. It's a book that puts the reader right in the driver's seat.

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