What an awesome day at the third annual Black Fork Gravel Grinder. Nearly 300 riders lined up head to head to battle it out at Ohio's premier gravel road race. Congratulations to the overall champions Jimmy Pooler and Jennifer Toops!

54 mile Men's Champion: Jimmy Pooler 
from West Salem, OH.  Time-3:08:27

Men's 2nd Place: Dan Payton: 3:13:32

Men's 3rd Place: John Wischmeier: 3:14:04

Jimmy put together an unbelievable effort when he broke his handlebar at mile 25 and still managed to win the 54 mile race!!!

54 mile Women's Champion:  Jen Toops from Marion, OH.  Time: 3:39:57

Women's 2nd Place: Wendy Billings: 3:46:02

Women's 3rd Place: Allyson Tufano: 3:49:12

King of the Mountain: Taylor Kruse

Queen of the Mountain: Jen Toops