Another great year at the Black Fork! 209 registered and 171 braved rain, thunderstorms and lots of mud to ride and compete in the event. Thank you to our kick butt riders, awesome sponsors  and great volunteers!

Our top 48 mile finisher was Scotland's National Time Trial Champion, Ben Peacock, with a blistering time of 3 hours and 14 minutes!

First 23 Mile Women's Finisher:  Linda Miranda from Valley City, OH

Unofficial Time: 2:10

First 23 Mile Men's Finisher:  Jim Darr from Freemont, OH

Unofficial Time: 2:15

First 30 mile Women's Mountain Bike Finisher: Sandy James from Bellbrook, OH  

Unofficial Time: 3:23

First 30 mile Men's Mountain Bike Finisher: Ron Kubala from Sagamore Hills, OH 

Unofficial Time: 2:39

First 30 mile Men's Gravel Bike Finisher: Donald Ahrens from Avon, OH 

Unofficial Time: 2:20

Honorable Mention goes to Tyler Miranda who finished 2nd in our 30 mile men's category.  Tyler is just 15 years old!  Keep an eye on this young cyclist!

First 48 mile Women's Mountain Bike Finisher: Laura Comtois from Lewis Center, OH. 

Unofficial Time: 4:23

First 48 mile Men's Mountain Bike Finisher:  John Kohlepp from Columbus, OH.

Unofficial Time: 3:43

First Overall 48 mile Men's Finisher (Gravel Bike):  Ben Peacock from Scotland UK, via Columbus, OH

Unofficial Time: 3:14  The Black Fork is honored to be Ben's first gravel road event.  Ben's an accomplished cyclist and is Scotland's National Time Trial Champion!

King of the Mountain (for the first guy to reach the top of Big Hill Road):  Ben Peacock from Scotland UK, via Columbus. 

One Quote said it all for the 2017 event:

It was a blast!! It rained the whole time! Mud, potholes, rocks, gravel and hills, hills and more hills! 23 miles of this. It was crazy fun. 3 different times I was going 50mph down these kind of hills!! Loved it!