I am currently a CNRS researcher at IRPHE - Aix-Marseille University.

Before that, I was working at the Center for Mathematical Sciences of City University London as a visiting Lecturer.
Before that, I was working at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics of the University of Cambridge as a Research Associate under the supervision of Professor Michael Proctor.
Before that, I was working at the School of Mathematics and Statistics of the Newcastle University as a Research Associate under the supervision of Paul Bushby.
Before that, I was a Teaching Assistant at Ecole Centrale de Lyon in France. Before that, I did my PhD at the Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics under the supervision of Claude Cambon and Fabien Godeferd.
I'm not sure whether you would be interested in what happened before that.

I'm working on fluid dynamics with special interests in rotating and stratified flows, magnetohydrodynamics, turbulence and thermal convection.

You will find here an overview of my research and some published works.

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How to contact me

Email:        favier at irphe.univ-mrs.fr
Phone:      +33(0)4 13 55 20 52
Address:    IRPHE - UMR 7342
                  Technopôle de Château-Gombert 
                  49, rue F. Joliot Curie 
                  B.P. 146
                  13384 Marseille Cedex 13 France

Collaborators (past and present)