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This site provides resources and support for our Be Yourself Club Members. 

The purposes of this club are the following...

  1. Provide a safe place for members to just be themselves
  2. Raise awareness of LGBT rights and realities
  3. Advocate for increased acceptance, not just tolerance of LGBT youth.
The Alisal High Be Yourself Club meets every Wednesday in Rm 1009 from 3-4pm. 
ALL are welcome!
Proud sponsor and teacher ally: Dr. Natalie Bernasconi
2014: Club Founders Uriel R. Fletes and Kevin Nolasco


Great news!

The Trojan Tribune article on Be Yourself Club!
Transphobia Sports article
Meet SHS’s prom queen Angie, a trans student. Let’s celebrate!
Great news! The Epicenter just got a 2-year grant to support LGBT youth. Stay tuned for more details next year!

IT GETS BETTER.... Really!

It Gets Better website (for those days when you might be feeling discouraged and alone). Watch some inspiring videos here.

Join the 591,907 people who've taken the
It Gets Better Pledge

THE PLEDGE: Everyone deserves to be respected for who they are. I pledge to spread this message to my friends, family and neighbors. I'll speak up against hate and intolerance whenever I see it, at school and at work. I'll provide hope for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other bullied teens by letting them know that it gets better.

You are NOT alone!

If you feel like you are at risk for self-harm, even suicide, STOP! There are people who know how to help you. Start with The Trevor Project, the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people ages 13-24.


Videos & Radio: 

Story Corp's animated video of "A Good Man" 

Story Corp's White House Champions 

CRLA's Radio Novelas - this could be really useful to share with parents and other adults

Key and Peele's hilarious "Gay Marriage Advice"

What is Intersex? A helpful video to help explain.

"Choosing" to be gay - like ""choosing" to be straight? Show this thoughtful, well-done video that uses the fine art of asking questions to help people think more deeply about what they think they know.  When did you choose to be straight?

Video bank LGBTQ stories: Frameline Videos 

 Imagine A World Where Being "Gay" The Norm & Being "Straight" Would Be The Minority! [Short Film]

James Clementi Chooses Compassion and Activism After Brother's Death

Gay People Made A Straight Man Cry With Their Response To The Question 'Is Being Gay A Choice?'

The Power of the Spoken Word - 3 teens speak out on the lessons you learn in school that serve to disempower youth. Hosted by Queen Latifah.

Love has no Labels - under our skins we are all the same!

Video One Voice (Short Film) 2011:  (15 min)

Tiffany's Jewelry Ad features a gay couple. “True love can happen more than once with love stories coming in a variety of forms.”

Apple's CEO Tim Cook:  "I'm proud to be gay."
Tim Cook realizes that he needs to speak out on behalf of others. 

Congratulations to Sensei Nishimura's niece in Texas who was crowned Homecoming Queen. Not only is she a brainiac, she's a lesbian who never expected to win the popularity contest. Awesome way to just BE YOURSELF!  Check out the video here. Thanks, Sensei for sharing.

Time Magazine Article: Colleges See Gay Students as Growth Market  - Check it out! This is great news!

LGBT Businesses get a Diversity Boost - Great news for LGBT entrepreneurs!

Get Club Reminders! Sign up for BYC Remind. See Ms. Bernasconi. 

A Grand success! The First Annual Be Yourself Rally of Alisal High.


BYC Accomplishments of 2015-2018
  • Sept: Homecoming (Pride) Parade (annual)
  • Oct: Dia de Los Muertos altar (annual)
  • Oct: Coming Out Day / Lend A Hand Campaign 
  • Oct: Gender Bender Fashion Show!
  • Food Booth Fundraisers: Honey Berry!
  • Dec 2016: Visit to Be Yourself Club @ La Paz
  • Feb 2017: Maya Cinema: El Canto del Colibri  
  • Feb 2018: Latinx LGBTQ Film Festival
  • April: GSA Gathering @ Epicenter ( AHS, NSHS, SHS,York) Annual
  • Apr: Day of Silence (Annual) 
  • Apr 2017: School-wide LGBT anti-bullying PBIS lesson 
  • May 2017: Board meeting to represent "Stories of Alisal" (PBIS lesson)
  • May: Discussion with Associate Superintendent Burns regarding LGBT anti-bullying 
  • May 2017: Yearbook Highlights- BYC/Homecoming Parade 
Listen to the inspiring Story Corps stories of LGBT Champions - people who have made a difference for LGBT rights, and have been honored by the White House for their empowering work.


School-wide activities we have organized:
  1. Our awesome lunchtime Rally! See pix below
  2. Our own Pride Parade within our Homecoming Parade
  3. Our "Lend a Hand" rainbow ducktape tags to show support for LGBTQ youth for National Coming Out Day
  4. Dia de los Muertos altar honoring LGBTQ youth whose lives have been lost due to depression and cyberbullying
  5. Day of Silence - to stand in solidarity with LGBTQ students who are silenced due to being "different."
  6. End of the Year Party with the other GSAs of Salinas at our generous hosts, the Epicenter. (Located near SHS).
Our Plan for Upcoming Day of Silence
  1. Register your participation at  Day of Silence.org
  2. Meet in Room 1009  after school to pick up your white board and sign. Then, take a moment to take your "selfie sign" explaining what you are doing to End the Silence!
  3. Share your poster with your teachers and friends to raise awareness about the challenges facing LGBTQ youth in schools.

The Official Be Yourself Club Vocabulary ppt created by Maggie!

A Shared LGBT Vocabulary List ~ to help us increase the clarity of our communications (from Univ of Texas)

An Expanded Vocabulary List + LGBT Icons

Messages of Hope Voice-thread for LGBTQ Youth

"Messages of Hope" This is a VoiceThread which allows any visitor to post a Message of Hope to LGBT youth who are struggling against bullying/cyberbullying. It will also be hosted on the Digital ID Project's Stepping Up page.

There are 3 slides in this thread. 

  • Slide 1 is a dedicated space for LGBT youth to post to other LGBT youth messages that support, encourage, inspire them to stand strong
  • Slide 2 is a dedicated space for LGBT adults to share their messages of support to LGBT teens
  • Slide 3 gives a space for teen and adult allies to post their messages of standing in solidarity for their LGBT teenaged loved ones.

Suggested  elements for your Message of Hope:

“Hello this is [chosen name].

I’m a [G/L/B/T/Q/I/A] teen from [state or country].

This message is dedicated to [ ___ ]

 My Message of Hope to you all is...”

Ready? Now go to VoiceThread and make your voice be heard!

Note: Once you register with VoiceThread for a free account (a process that takes only a couple of minutes), you will be able to post a comment via voice, text, or webcam. Your comment will go "live" as soon as we approve it.

The Messages of Hope Project is dedicated to the memory of Leelah Alcorn, a trans teen who took her own life. We accept her challenge to try to "Fix society," by supporting all LGBT youth so they can live to see it really will get better.

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For full screen access, go directly to VoiceThread

This and other cool posters from DeviantArt 

This image courtesy of George Takei

Check out this delightful Bollywood Youtube video! Impossible not to want to get up and dance.

The Welcome ~ sponsored by The United Nations

If you have other resources you would like to suggest we post, you can reach us at beyourselfclub831@gmail.com

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