O.K., You Voted!  Now What?

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Speaking on "The U.S. Federal Budget!"

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The Mission: 
 BeyondVoting.net is a movement of like-minded people who realize that voting is not our most important responsibility.  Voting is what you do one day every two to four years.  But fighting to uplift humanity is our daily responsibility. 


We seek to ensure that the issues, ideas and solutions to the problems that plague our communities are addressed and implemented by not just the politicians, but more importantly, by us, the masses of the people.  Therefore, we seek to relentlessly and passionately teach that no matter who is in elected office, our social, political and economic reality depends on us.


Our vision is to build a powerful movement that unifies the different social and political sectors within our communities toward the objective of eradicating the exploitation of human beings by human beings.


We know that most of us have obligations in life that make it hard for us to attend meetings and join coalitions.  Therefore, BeyondVoting.net has made it simple for you to be active right from your home in as little as a few minutes each month.
How Does It Work?


Join BeyondVoting.net by clicking on the “Join BeyondVoting.net” button.  It takes about five minutes of your time.  Once you become a member, then we will send you periodic information on different ways you can make your voice heard on issues important to you and the larger community.  We will also provide you with information on how you can actively participate on different social/political action campaigns, such as universal health care, homelessness, domestic abuse and international relations.



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