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 Today Jesus has lead you here to learn the divine order to how His creation really works, that you might know life and know it more abundantly. God richly bless you on your pathway to healing and regaining your health!

I have a deep passion for helping the sick and dying.
 I feel I have walked into my divine destiny on Earth at age 56 . . .
 the reason why I was born and suffered all I did from youth,
 as I do my final work on the Earth,
 which you see demonstrated 
in the videos I've provided on this presentation page.

 You will learn on your own that the alternatives do work, 
if you'll simply apply the major insights
 given in this manuscript that reveals 
the science behind how 
I did what I know to do.

Thoughtfully Yours,
Kevin F. Montague
Scholar, Artisan & Scientist

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Near Death Experience

Up until about 35 years ago, the term NDE (Near Death Experience) was unheard of in the human language. It wasn't until Dr. Raymond Moody opened up the topic on NDE's in the 1970's, as he interviewed thousands of people, over time, which were coming back from death, remembering what they had seen, heard and experienced first hand. These testimonies are more prevalent in this day and age, thanks to advanced resuscitation methods in our global medical sciences which allow us to hear more and more about these encounters in death. As a result, the individual who experienced the out of body encounter is able to come back into their body and tell the tale of what they saw in death. 

Mr. Kevin F. Montague had his first NDE at age 25 in 1981 and his second at age 44 in 2001, but his has got to be the most powerful I've ever heard told where he describes the location of the Universe where God is both the creation and the Creator while also meeting Jesus in the ocean of light the current day Church calls the Holy Spirit, but is a concept the Church can not understand. He told no one through most of his life of the first experience, simply because the world was too caught up in their religions to hear of NDE's such as his and he was also concerned no one would take him seriously. Both encounters are intriguing to listen to, to say the least!

Mr. Montague hopes that those of you who love God, but don't see Him so much as the way the religions of the world see Him, will beneift hearing his testimony. 

On the issue of the Chronic Disease Syndrome, Mr. Montague reveals in his new 124 page manuscript a short list of the complications his body was undergoing when his primary care physician told him to go home and die:

2 years of intense testicular pain
Adrenal deficiency
Advanced somatid proliferation
Anal ring worm, severe case around anal opening
Arthroscopic knee surgery on left knee
Blood was anemic, chaining together (rouleau) and decomposing
Breaking down of skin tissue on scalp.
Burns appearing on face and spurs on feet
Chronic deep purple fungal rash around the anal opening
Chronic reactive arthritis
Coastal Chondritis (Chronic involuntary spasms in the rib cage area)
Congested lymph nodes in the neck area
Cranial seizures during sleep
Daily debilitating chronic fatigue (CFS)
Easy tearing of cuticles on fingers 
- and toes due to severe sulfur deficiency
Eczema on toes and scalp and behind ears
Elevated liver enzyme levels (SGOT, SGPT, GGOT)
Encephalitis and crushing pain around cranial head area for two years
Extensive internal and external hemorrhoid surgery
Extra chronic sistol heart beats
Fibromyalgia (muscular pain)
Fibromyositis (body wide inflammation)
Formation of extremely painful lesion 
- in right foot making it impossible to walk
Formation of extremely painful lesion 
- on tailbone that would not clear
Fungal infiltration into gums
GItract flora imbalance and candidas overgrowth in Gitract
Hardening of tissues on knee surface 
- which would burn when kneeling
heart attacks in sleep
Heavy bile stone accumulation in Gitact
Heavy calcium stone accumulation in liver
Heavy coating of thrush on tongue that would never resolve
Hemorrhoids forming
Hiatal Hernia
Kidney Stone
Massive tumor formations in small of back 
- going into the spinal cord seen on MRI scans
Melanoma growth on left ear
Needed heater of his car and house going at 100 degrees Fahrenheit 
- because of poor circulation problems
Numbness in hands and feet all the time 
- due to poor circulation from rouleau of blood
painful esophageal spasms
Pancreatic enzyme deficiency and hypoglycemia
Passing of 5,000 helminthes (parasitic worms)
Radio Frequency Ablation to correct SVTs
Severe 6 inch tear of left trapesius muscle of his neck 
- unable to balance his head for 5 years.
Steady bleeding ulcerated colitis
Tearing of left medial meniscus in left knee requiring surgery
Trouble catching a good breath all the time (COPD)
Tumor on left wrist about 1in in size
tumorous growth on tongue
Two tachycardias (SVTs) requiring conversion 
- using adenocord via paramedic assistance
Unexplainable thyroid deficiency

The list goes on. By now you can see why Mr. Montague died with all of this going on? 

Here is the link to Dr. Rick Santee's current website:

Kevin F. Montague

This is a new scientific abstract, revelation of connections, to how the chronic disease issues of the body really work. The information in this new 150 page abstract is a result of a brave scientist and scholar's battle in facing the dreaded chronic disease syndrome in his own body, over a 15 year walk through Hell itself, which made him uncover the numerous connections today's scientists are failing to see. The result is that he saved his own life, when all his allopathic medical doctors told him to go home and die, leaving him less than six months to live.

Internal Parasites

  • Not all disease is caused by environmental parasites and toxins, as Dr. Hulda Clark surmised in her studies of disease while she was alive. Dr. Clark was a brilliant researcher. However, she surmised chronic disease only to be caused by environmental pathogens. She failed to see the greater revelator to how the body creates its own internal parasites, during the programmed decomposition process of the body, which Mr. Montague calls the CDS/PD process. This is a process that is not suppose to be activated, until the body is dead, but can be "switched on"; while the body is alive. When this happens, it becomes a dreaded, painful deadly syndrome that always leads to what man calls "cancer" in the end, unless a stroke, heart attack or spontaneous human combustion determines your final end. In truth, chronic illness is, in part, a combination of both environmental pathogens and their toxins, but is also caused by self created pathogens and toxins, once the body goes into the whole CDS/PD process. Learn how it all works by reading this incredible new 150 page abstract from the author himself !!!
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