Beyond The Unlimited Life

In Life and After Life
I shall Glorify The Christ 

At this time I am 53 years young and I have had the Lord beside me daily now long time and none another than these wonderful creatures that he has graced me with.

So in my choice I can only rely on myself and God for income. I have worked diligently at this learning and online expression of my passion for the Lord. For given the history of certain family members who did not make it past 50. By all means I should be dead, yet I am graced here by to share this unfailing love everyday with the people that cross my path. I have grown comfortable in my own presence and that of the true spirit that dwells inside. It pushes me daily to a driving force ... it is the passion that sometimes drives me till wee hours of the early morning. pushing to learn more of the internet and the way it works. 

I am reminded to express my gratitude. I place my life in the loving hands of God. I am far far due for increase in the right way. I shall be blessed and favored. With that burden lifted, I will be able to finally finish the book that I have started. I am excited as I face the unknown ...

but I am certain changes are coming,
~Blessings of Love to you my Friend


I love the Christ
About Me 

The quality of life is important to me,

The quality of life is important to me,

material things come and go... 

If I don't know what to do,

I try to do the next best thing.

and to think of others before myself.. 

I trust the Lord to meet my needs.. 

I'm living my dream.

~Special Blessings of Love2U ...


aka MontanaDreamaker 

"Warrior for The Christ Consciousness" 

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Love, Friend, Coffee, Tea, Divine Love,

Patricia Grabow my Client

Patricia Grabow, Near death Survivor ,,,   
This is my client,
Patricia Grabow
She died 1980 ...
Came back to write 4 books ...
about her experience of ...
Love to the Millionth Power
Check it at:  

The Immortal Now is the result of 30 years following my near death experience. My friend, David McArthur, past president of Unity International, says that the book is probably the reason that I came back after I died in an auto accident in London. Please go to my web page at 

Friend, Life, Coffee, Tea, Divine Love,
Friend, Divine love, Coffee, Tea, Consciousness,
* Your beliefs become your thoughts
* Your thoughts become your words 
* Your words become your actions  
* Your actions become your habits  
* Your habits become your values  
* Your values become your destiny  

~Mahatma Gandhi

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