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Using PKP Platforms to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks

Alex Garnett -- University of British Columbia

While considering a new document container which will move us "Beyond the PDF," I think we need to keep in mind the many available (and undiscovered) hacks which allow us improve existing PDF use cases, particularly with an eye toward transitioning away from current document standards. I will present some recent developments on behalf of my colleagues at the UBC/SFU/Stanford-based Public Knowledge Project (probably best known for developing Open Journal Systems, which hosts open access journals such as First Monday, as well as the increasingly popular Open Conference Systems). These include, but are not limited to: using server-side scripting with pdftk to dynamically inject article metadata, automatically embedding reference manager links in article bibliographies, and supporting portable annotation schema. This session will directly inform a session dedicated to going "Beyond the PDF" (while not forgetting the present) at the 2011 PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference in Berlin.

Slideshare available here.