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From Claim to Fact

From Claim to Fact:
a small use case in scientific fact establishment using the Bourne corpus

Anita de Waard, Elsevier Labs/University of Utrecht.


Scientific fact is established as a community of peers accepts an authors’ claim [1]. We showcase a small case of scientific fact-creation by performing discourse analysis on the Bourne corpus, specifically by

1)   Tracing the edits that occur between the draft and final versions of the 2010 paper [2]

2)   Tracing the citations and accompanying modality dropping of claims from the 2009 paper [3].

We find, first, qualitative evidence of the mechanisms of scientific fact creation, in the establishment of author modality through successive edits of the abstract; and then an erosion of this modality as a claim gets shared, stripped of its modality markers, and manifested in the canon of facts. We show how this anecdotal evidence supports our model of scientific sensemaking [4, 5].





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