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Blogging beyond the PDF or Copy by Reference

Cameron Neylon and Martin Fenner
We'd like to try and present an author-centric view of the authoring process and ask what we should be presenting to the writer at the time they write the paper. Our contention is that if we can make the process of referring to and incorporating external objects into a growing paper as easy as a right click that we can "nudge" behaviour towards linking, semantic markup, and other useful activities that are currently too much work for the author. 
Wordpress is a good platform for this vision of the authoring platform because:
  1. Wordpress is Open Source and can be easily modified and extended by Themes, Plugins, etc.
  2. WordPress is used by millions of users, a market much larger than the scientific software market. Many requirements for a scientific authoring platform are not specific for scientific software.
  3. WordPress treats article writing as a workflow that includes collaborative writing, version control, and a document status.
We would like to present how our view of the authoring process can be supported by Wordpress. Using the example files from the PLoS Computational Biology publication provided by Phil Bourne, we will look at the strengths and limitations of the Wordpress platform in incorporating external objects. We will also aim to make the case that this naturally allows us to think about a wider variety of types of paper and forms of publication. Martin set up a Wordpress test installation for this workshop at
If time allows Cameron will aim to also work up an example using to show how this could link to an executable paper.

The Slideshare presentation for this paper is here.