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This presentation touches a number of the workshop topics. It will demonstrate systems developed at the Australian Digital Futures Institute for scholarly workflows. It is intended to spark discussion about issues and challenges in taking Scholarship beyond the PDF. It covers the following tasks: (a) managing draft documents and local data sets together, (b) formatting draft documents with as much robust, interoperable semantics as possible, using a word processor, so they can become part of a rich human and machine readable web of research practice and (c) pre-publication collaboration with immediate collaborators and via the web using annotation systems that have potential for use post-publication as well.

Four guiding principles inform the work. To make all resources part of a repository as soon as they are created or acquired. To provide a web view of all resources as early as possible in their production process. To provide a hub from which resources can be pushed to other services – journal review processes, blogs, repositories. And to make interoperable, reusable services, not monolithic systems.

See the blog for much more detail.

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