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1. Tools
1.1 Authoring tools
1.2 Research workflow tools
1.3 Document management tools
1.4 Rendering tools

2. Annotation and new formats.

2.1 New formats for scientific papers (please provide use case for each new format, see 3.)
2.2  Models of annotation: what parts of the document are marked up, when (in the authoring/publishing process) and why?
2.3 Text mining and computational linguistics: how can we find these parts automatically?
2.4 Annotation standards and ontologies: how do we call the pieces we find?
2.5 Systems for combining and rendering annotated documents.

3. Use cases and examples.
This can be used to describe a tool, an annotation method or a new format; c
an be a conceptual or showing a working tool/prototype. Please describe for each use case:
  • user community
  • user task
  • current solution
  • issues with current solution
  • proposed improvement
  • why it is better
4. Business rights and Intellectual Property rights.
All issues pertaining to money going to/coming from scientists, funding agencies, digital repositories and their rights, intellectual property rights, open access/open source, philosophies and gripes.

5. Attribution/Evaluation/Archiving.
What motivates authors/readers/reviewers to partake in these changing tools and systems; how can we motivate them; how do we evaluate this newly formatted science, who evaluates, who governs the governors. How do we archive the results of our efforts, how do we evaluate the archiving, who funds this going forward.