I have been waiting for you
Please feel free to rest awhile,
cast aside the turbulence of the day,
open your mind and allow your imagination to grow.


and ye shall meet, and know, and remember, and love them again

“Mark ye well their manner, for it is quiet and assumeth not. 
It is in peaceful tones they speak and oft seem abstracted. 
Seeming to prefer the company of Beastes,
they converse with them as equals. 
They dwell in lonely places, there better (as they say)
to know the voices of the Wind and hear the secrets of Nature. 
Possessing the Wysdome of the fields and forests,
they do harm and heal with their harvests. 
They concerne themselves not with idle chatter or fashion,
nor do worldly goods hold worth for them.
Be not confused as to think that only Woman-kynd
harboureth the gifte in this matter. 
Of Men there be many that hold mickle (much) power."

 Edward Johnston, Suffold, England 1645.