Hello, my name is Eric Allen, and I have had aspirations of being a professional writer since I was very young.  Telling stories has always been something that I have enjoyed greatly.  It would be great if I could get published and make money for doing my hobby, but I will be happy so long as people read my stories and like them.  That is why I have decided to post them all on the internet for people to read.
Starting in high school I began writing with the intent to tell a novel length story.  Through high school and college I wrote four books, and that was enough for me to realize what an awful writer I was.  I began to take writing much more seriously and started taking a lot of writing classes to help myself learn to be a better storyteller.  My first book completed after college is called Beyond the Lost Horizon, and though it had some issuse with bad writing and being a little on the generic side, I tried and failed to sell it, and am currently completely rewriting it under the name The Eternal Chain, which can be downloaded off of this website.  The other four books are better left forgotten.  After completing Beyond the Lost Horizon I started several other projects, all of which are also on this site. 
In the sidebar to the left you will find links to all my current and completed writing projects.  Please be aware that all materials on this site are subject to copyright laws.  My stories are my property, not yours.  I own rights to everything contained here and I will find and destroy you if you even dream of thinking of using them without permission.  That said I hope that you enjoy my stories.  Please feel free to comment on them, as any feedback I can get is important to me.  Everything is in Microsoft Word format.  All projects are split up into chapters and posted as attachments at the bottom of each page.  Simply click the download link on any attachment to download them to your computer.  If you are a literary agent, like what you see, and would like to represent me, please contact me ASAP.
Currently working on:
Completed Spires of Infinity Draft Two - 4/1/11
Began Spires of Infinity Draft 2 - 3/2/11
Exile Draft Five on hold - 3/1/11
Began Exile Draft Five - 2/7/11
Completed Exile Draft Four - 2/4/11
Began Exile Draft Four - 10/4/10
Completed Exile Draft Three - 10/3/10
Began Exile Draft Three - 8/11/10
Completed Exile Draft Two - 8/6/10
Began Exile Draft Two - 4/16/10
Completed Spires of Infinity Draft One - 4/9/10
Thanks for reading
Eric Allen