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Welcome to My Kitchen and a World of Soup! 

Nothing gets me into the kitchen faster than the prospect of simmering a rich stew or creating a delicious soup. Full of subtle flavors and nuance, soups and stews are satisfying to make. These one-pot dishes provide sustenance as the main event of a casual meal or set the stage as the first act for an elegant dinner. Whether you are cooking up a tried-and-true recipe or adventuring into the world of ethnic cuisine, this site is dedicated to bringing you great soup and stew recipes from around the world. Click on a highlighted Country and travel to a different region on this beautiful earth.  Delicious recipes await you. So get out your stew pot and ladle, and let's get cooking!


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The leaves are falling, children are back in school, and some of us are spending more time in the kitchen again.  Try a few of these Fall features  - they're comfort in a pot!

It's fall and apples of all varieties are filling the bins.  Sweet, tart, crisp, yellow and crimson hues adorn the produce section at the grocery store or farmer's market.  This recipe may feel more like applesauce to you, but with enough liquid to thin out the consistency, Aeblesuppe can provide comforting sustenance as the days grow shorter and the autumn winds blow their blustery breaths.

It's football season, and everyone needs a hearty chili recipe for your best tailgating party.  This recipe has never failed to elicit positive feedback, and comments such as, "This is so good. Can I have this recipe?" Try it!  You'll like it!

I've been hankering for the taste of an earthy mushroom soup.  This Eastern European version is one of my favorites to satisfy the urge.

Soupe a l'oignon gratinee
Rich, luscious . . . . good.


The French have a wonderful phrase about keeping order in the kitchen called Mise en Place or everything in it's place. Before getting ready to cook, clean up the kitchen, put away dirty dishes, clear the counter tops and have before you everything needed for the task at hand.  This will help you avoid the "flustered cook" syndrome of realizing you are without a vital ingredient at the last minute.  This is especially true when making soups and stews that have multiple ingredients and that require a timely sequence of steps.  Also, be tidy as you go.  Put away ingredients no longer needed, rinse the cutting board of debris, wash utensils along the way so there isn't a mammoth clean up job at the end. I believe a tidy and well prepared cook is a happy cook.  

"Happy and successful cooking doesn't rely only on know-how; it comes from the heart, makes great demands on the palate and needs enthusiasm and a deep love of food to bring it to life."

Prolific French Chef, Guy Savoy, writes eloquently about the value of simplicity.  Paying attention, for instance, to the humble but noble carrot, just pulled from its earthy home, can inspire new ways of using it. Every ingredient has a unique character and shape, making us in awe time and again of nature's simple beauty.

"We are wrong to think that the daily routine is ordinary.  Always conditioned to look for the exceptional, we let go  of the the small miracles within our reach.  When I was a child, I immersed myself in simple gourmand sensations, and I have built my life as a chef upon them."
                                                ~ Guy Savoy