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~Harness, Control or Use the Nature of things... to do our work!
To become godlike... (Sir Francis Bacon Tudor)

Illumination is a plan...

The New World Order is NOT interested in ruling, they are interested in controlling.
The strategy is though appointed stooges, surrogates and plants in high places. The bait is implied good fortune, yet few get lasting benefit. Such agents are entirely disposable.
Ruling is a messy short term affair... Controlling the rotation of puppets is forever... it is a manipulative strategy, safe for them and guaranteed to succeed... Ruling is NOT their goal, controlling IS.
Keeping the organization "secret" is not a goal, keeping it "unbelievable" is...
"All the world's a stage" - 7 ages 7 stages...
This New World Order is described by Bacon, the "modern phase" NWO founder, as a Utopian state ruled entirely by a panel of corporate CEO's who each operate a silo (corporate division) of science or technology dedicated to "owning and operating" all forces of nature.

Bacon's' prescription for NWO describes genetic manipulation, creating and altering lifeforms, controlling weather and many other "present day" realities. All significant decisions are made behind closed doors in a tightly controlled corporate environment, your support is neither asked for or welcomed... decisions are made for you, for your own good of course. 

The figurehead "governance" merely signs off and implements the decisions handed to them. This figurehead governance can be selected by the population since it is irrelevant who sits in the chair. This component provides the illusion the people have a say, and so keeps them "at ease."   

This sleight of hand is labeled "democracy", an illusion for the delusional.

In the NWO model the "state" rules without "effective" representation of the inhabitants and forbids incursion of any "outside" influence either by using force or applying deception. 

The input of the citizen constituents is irrelevent. 

Does this feel familiar to YOU?
The end game - in a nut shell
The "new" universal "religion" is science, pitting itself openly against the existence of spiritual essence - science as a religion truly defines an anti-God. Morals and scruples are an impediment to NWO progress... so continual desensitization of citizens "will to care" is assailed daily. Moral and fiscal corruption is encouraged at every turn... such is the way of evil intent, gradually everything becomes acceptable and unchallenged.... 

The road to demise for the sentient is thus paved while success for the illuminated is assured.

The "illuminated" describe their aspirations as a world in which all previous sense of morals, scruples and other "thou shalt not's" are rendered irrelevant and removed as impediments to science practitioners who are compelled by them... to achieve godlike status through the ability to create and alter lifeforms, defeat physical death and determine the fate of existence for all lifeforms - without empathy or conscious for the victims of their acts.  

Illuminated in this context is achieving a state of knowing, understanding and accepting unquestionably , without doubt and with certainty the shedding of all constraints to achieving the agenda. 

They, the illuminated, operate in a mode of anything and everything goes in the matter of moving the agenda forward. Complete and utter disregard for consequence  regardless of magnitude, scope or impact renders many of their doings as "unbelievable"  and the public  cannot comprehend or accept that certain events and situations were willfully planned and executed. 

This phenomena of "suspended belief" by citizens furthers the Illuminati cause and keeps the door open  for subsequent heinous acts and approaches-- It is this disbelief phenomena  which allows continual decimation or modification of society, inhabitants and ecology without significant challenge. 

No one believes someone else would do such a thing willfully.

They have, will... and do employ ALL and ANY means to achieve their goals and objectives. 

Unwitting "civilian" agents (stooges) are positioned and groomed to do their manipulative bidding... oblivious to the end-game... stooges are used then disposed of routinely... 

Fleeting or implied opportunities, fame or implied fortune is the bait...  to which there are many takers. but few actual winners. The NWO stooge is entirely disposable.

The ways and means of aspiration achievement are also without bounds and are predicated upon "whatever it takes" regardless of impact and consequence for the innocent. 

The four defining elements of the NWO agenda.
  • Pursuit of the fountain of youth (Holy Grail) = Genetic Engineering and genome alterations.
  • Pursuit of wealth (agenda funding) out of free air = Derivatives, CDOs, Usuary, IMF, Ponzi...
  • Pursuit of control of inner, outer and near space--whole environment subjugation.
  • Pursuit of Utopia = Depopulation to achieve Utopian standard for the privileged remaining few..
UNBELIEVABLE! Yes, that is the general idea... and to-date has proved eminently effective!

Even though all four elements and their devastating impacts are patently obvious through observation.... the general population remains oblivious and comatose, or at least feel ineffectual to intervene and change the course of total NWO subjugation. 

Even so... They are compelled to let you know... so here you are.

From Alchemy to Modern Science... 1607-2007

Beyond Prophecy (1607-2007)

 From Alchemy to modern science in 400 years, unbelievable?
For my name and memory I leave to men's charitable speeches, and to foreign nations and the next ages. 
~Francis Bacon
... and so it and so it is!