Have you tired of Lights Out? Same 5x5 grid of lights flipping off and on? Well, you have come to the right place. 

What I have created takes the game beyond conventional boundaries. Have you ever wonderer what if the lights went beyond just off and on? 
What if they had 3 stages? 4? 5? 
What if rules for flipping the lights were more than just the up-down-left-right variety? 
Consider a hexagonal lattice.
Could you handle it?

More fun coming soon.  The engine has been greatly expanded to deal with the hexagonal grid. If you want to play a small online version go to Charlie Wynn's site.

This is in version 2.0.0 Please submit all your great reviews for version 1.1 on iTunes. 

Check out these images of the latest version.

For this first one a solution exists.

Does anyone have a solution for this one?

What about this one?

And this?

(The latest version 1.1.1 has a small bug. If you are upgrading from 1.0 you first need to delete the old version from your iphone. A bugfix has been submitted)

The list of improvements and generalizations are listed on this page.

A YouTube video

Now available at your local iTunes store is your favorite game re-imagined. 

This program includes your old favorite, as you can see below.

But there's more. Look at this image for Cliff Pickover's Alien Tiles!

This is coming your way very soon.

This program can play Alien Tiles, standard lights out, XL-25 Knight moves, and other games never seen before:

Also, if you have friends (or enemies), you can email them you wonderful solution to that puzzle:

A trove of information on Lights Out is at Jaap's Puzzle Page.

Email me at tgwena (a) gmail dot c o m

A review is coming up at App Album