The actions at FERC will involve roles for people who are prepared to risk arrest, who want to play active support roles at one or more of the FERC actions, or who aren't sure which of the two they want to do or who might do both on different days. Everyone who plans to risk arrest must take part in a training session either on Sunday, November 2 or on the evening before the first morning they plan to participate in the action at FERC. We strongly encourage everyone else to also attend one of these sessions prior to participation in an action at FERC.
    At the training you will practice the necessary nonviolence skills, rehearse the action together, and receive a detailed legal briefing from our lawyer. For those risking arrest, you will also fill out an information sheet (full legal name, emergency contacts, health concerns, etc.) for our jail support team to use.

A Note About Accommodations

    Beyond Extreme Energy action participants will be staying and training together at a local church (we'll email details about this to signups). The cost is $5 per night per person. You will need to bring a sleeping pad, warm sleeping bag, pillow, etc. if you would like to crash there. During the day, your belongings will be stored in a secure location at the church. You should bring a plastic garbage bag or the like in order to keep all your stuff together while it's in storage.