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Point The Finger At FERC

This is the action plan for a flash mob Monday afternoon after the DNC action:

Flash Mob:
"Point the Finger At FERC"

After the DNC action, we will walk slowly, silently, single file, arms length apart (right hand on the shoulder of the person in front of you) down the hill towards FERC. We'll be on the union station side of the street.

Dress code: black tshirt or top; dark wash jeans or dark pants. Dark sunglasses (preferably black geek/Risky Business style).

Tops will have iron-on decals that say
On front:
FERC (large)
(Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) (small)
is a Shady Business (large)

On back:
Various harms (such as "Climate Change") all *stamped* with
"FERC Approved"

Marchers provide their own shirts, we will provide decals or PDFs for DIY application.

Wear layers consistent with the weather so that the outside layer has the decals.

At bottom of hill, at corner just past FERC, the lead marcher will turn a sharp military type left to cross the street. Each person turns in that style. Same when reach opposite side of street.

Line of marchers walks towards main entrance of FERC, when lead marcher blows whistle once the group stops. When the whistle blows twice, everyone lunges and points up at FERC. Hold for full minute for photo op.

When lead marcher blows whistle three times the group moves again, same slow march up the hill towards Union Station.

Opposite the side entry to Union Station. The lead marcher will decide whether to cross the street or stay on same side of street (depending on how crowded, etc) and do another whistle once / stop; whistle twice / point; hold for one minute; whistle 3 times and continue marching.

March leader will lead the group up hill and towards front of union station, looping like a caterpillar around and in and out of station. Path will be a judgement call based on site conditions.

At 6pm, runners will meet the group with their luggage and get on the 6:30 bus back to NY.

Marchers should take care of getting or bringing any food needed for the trip home before or after action and not be carrying anything except ID and valuables on them.

We may as a chant or yell at end of pointing. Tbd

Teams will hand out literature to passersby.