Save Sorts, Filters, Column Settings aka Custom Views For Tables

posted Jul 19, 2017, 6:44 AM by Craig Hatmaker   [ updated Aug 9, 2017, 10:36 AM ]
Here is another free add-in for Excel. BXL Views saves any number of custom sorts, filters, and column displays so we can reapply them effortlessly as needed.

The Problem:
Tables are awesome. They've been around for more than a decade and in all that time Microsoft still hasn't offered anything like Custom Views for Tables.

I sometimes work with large tables where I need to look at various column groupings, specific record groups and various sorts. Custom Views provided a quick and easy way to save and apply sorts, filters, and column settings. But Custom Views turn themselves off when Excel's tables are present. Until now we had to choose Tables or Custom Views. No longer!

Our Solution:
BXL Views is a free add-in that saves any number of sorts, column settings, and filter settings for each visible table in our workbook, and then re-applies our saved views when needed. Just sort our table, click Save Sort and when we need to reapply that sort simply select it from the Select Sort dropdown. Unlike Custom Views, we can save each setting individually and combine them in any way we want.

Why do we give this away?
We want to help elevate Excel use and development. In the course of our work we develop tools for our use. They meet our needs. They work in our environment. We offer them 'as is". They may not meet everyone's needs nor run in all environments Excel runs in. If you need this to act differently, or need it to work for specific regional settings or versions of Excel we don't support, you can make those changes yourself. The code is unprotected, documented sufficiently for intermediate VBA developers, and highly standardized to make modifications as easy as possible.

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