On the line of the previous workshops (BeXRB 2011 and BeXRB 2014), a new meeting will take place in Heraklion on 11-13 September 2017.

A revision on the state of the art in understanding and studying Be X-Ray Binary systems will be reviewed in presentations of new advances and discoveries in the field, and also during extensive discussions on the proposed general topics.
We will bring together scientists from different communities who have approached these topics from different angles with the goal of reaching a clearer and deeper understanding of the physical processes involved.

It is conceived, as in previous editions, as an informal workshop, with no registration fee. The number of participants will be limited but covering a wide range of topics related to BeXRBs.
  • Phenomenology of BeXRB transient outbursts in the X-ray domain (normal vs giant, pre-flares, complex shaped outbursts, pulse profiles ...)
  • Observations in other wavebands and their implications
  • BeXRBs in external galaxies compared to the Milky Way population
  • The high-energy gamma-ray connection (LS I +61 303, HESS J0632+057 & PSR B1259-63)
  • Transient outbursts as laboratories of accretion physics
  • Be stars, Be disks & models in the context of explaining the BeXRB phenomenon
  • BeXRBs with Black Hole or White Dwarf companions