When to test Vision?


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      #    Exercise Number-1:
  • Keep any calender with lots of fine details in it in your bed room just facing you.
  • Memorize its details with right eye closed.
  • Memorize its details with left eye closed.
  • Compare the differences between two eyes if any & memorise the differences too.
  • Repeat the same religiously daily before waking up from the bed.
  • Make sure you are wearing prescribed glasses for distance during all these above exercises.

      #    Exercise Number-2:

    • Keep postcard size photograph of straight front face of any person you liked most at streched hand distance.
    • Wear near correction.
    • Close one eye.
    • Concentrate at tip of nose of person in photograph: don't move eyes/don't move hands absolutely.
    • Memorize every details of face while doing so.
    • Now, repeat the same with other eye closed completely: Memorize it too.
    • Compare the differences between two eyes & memorize it too, if any.
    • Repeat the same religiously daily before waking up from the bed.

 Important: Any appreciable difference in quality or quantity of vision from last mental pictures should be taken seriously & should be reported to Eye Specialist immediately.

Recommended minimum Eye-check-up Schedules during whole life span are:

1.     At the age of 4 months of life.

2.     Just after completion of 3 years of life.

3.     At the age of 6 years.

4.     At the end of class-8.

5.     At the age of 18 -20 years.

6.     At the age of 40 years: - There after yearly till the end of life.

Special Considerations:                                                   

       I.            When glasses are prescribed at any age, minimum yearly re-chek-up is recommended.

     II.            Pregnancy & Eye check-up: As recommended by Gynaecologist/Physician.

  III.            Diabetic Eye Diseases: As recommended by Physician/Endocrinologist.

  IV.            Lazy Eyes: At 6 weeks interval initially; thereafter at 6 monthly intervals.

    V.            Injury to Eye: At earliest without wasting any time.

  VI.            Sudden loss of vision: At earliest without wasting any time.

VII.            Glaucoma & Eye Check-up: At 3-6 months of intervals.