Taking Care of Your Glasses


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Taking Care of Your Glasses :

No Lens Is 100% scratch-resistant. Here are some Tips to help you extend the life of your lenses:

Never put your glasses face down on any surfaces.

Never clean your lenses while they are dry.

Always use a liquid cleaner designed for your lenses and wipe them with an appropriate cloth.

Avoid using products that are too strong or abrasive such as: acetone, solvents, window cleaners, etc.

Do not leave your glasses in your vehicle even if they are in their case, the heat could damage them.

When you remove your safety glasses, make sure you clean them before storing them in their case.

By following these few simple tips, you will avoid scratching your lenses prematurely.

Important: Always remove your spectacles from face with the use of both your hands applying same amount of force on either side. Be gentle while doing so.