Healthy Vision 2010


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Objectives and Progress of Healthy Vision 2010


The chapter on vision addressed visual impairment due to eye disease and refractive error; regular eye examinations for children and adults; vision screening for pre-school children; injury prevention; and vision rehabilitation. Most states and many localities use the Healthy People framework to guide local health policies and programs.

Baseline Data Sources and Operational Definitions

Most of the data are from the 2002 National Health Interview Survey, U.S.A. These data and 2010 targets can be found under each objective, along with an operational definition. The operational definition is a valuable tool that allows individuals to set measurable Healthy Vision objectives for their own communities.

Progress Reviews

The purpose of Progress Reviews is to provide a venue for Federal agencies to report on progress toward achieving the Healthy People 2010 goals and objectives for each of the 28 focus areas.


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