what is Beware the Night?

Beware The Night is a special Minecraft Server designed to be a Factions Based Massive Multiplayer Magic and high Fantasy vampires and werewolves Survival Server. 

when will the server become available?

What Factions are there on this Server?

There are many Basic Factions/Classes to choose from.

Regular Non-VIP members can choose from the 8 basic races types, each with its own Sub faction or clans. 
Non-VIP's do not get any special perks regardless of race or class. 
- VIP players and early access Players can choose from any of the races listed below and receive special perks for being a VIP player of that race or class.

The sample list of available classes is shown below. 

For a Complete List of All the Races, 

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NOTE: Additional classes are currently planned but have not yet been added. These will be announced once they are made available to either VIP or all players. This is at the digression of RP management staff.


(Normal Race)

Basic RACE


(The Nightshade Race)

Basic RACE


(The Blood lust Race)

Basic RACE


(The Chaotic Race)


 A Human has no special ability and/or traits and is the target of both the werewolf and Vampire  Factions. They are feared and often hunted by the Demons and Black wings. They are close friends of the White Wings and the gods.


Players of this faction can become werewolves and/or vampires if they choose to change his or her faction but still remain part-Human.

This Faction is often hunted by werewolves and vampires and often have very high susceptibility to becoming infected by the werewolf virus or turning into a vampire if bitten.

Recommended for
Advanced to Experienced Players
 A Werewolf is a Human character that transforms into a werewolf  during the full moon. 

This Faction is often hunted by enemy factions and often have very high bounties for capture.

When attacking Human's, the werewolf has a chance of infecting the human target with their claws when attacking. 

This ability does not affect vampires

Recommended for
Advanced to Experienced Players
 A Vampire is a human character that must live of the blood of other creatures to survive. They cannot go outside during the day as they will burn up and die. They have low light vision and a few other abilities that help them hunt. They usually work alone or in small groups. They are friends with all Hostile mobs and are not attacked by them unless you provoke them.

This Faction cannot go out in the daylight
As they will take fire damage if  they are in direct sunlight.

When attacking Human's, the vampire has a chance of infecting the human target with the  vampire effect  which can cause the target to turn into a vampire when attacked or bitten. 

This ability does not affect other vampires, reapers, dark mages, or werewolves.
White Wisps have a increased immunity towards the vampire's infection ability. However, this can be impacted if the white wisp is exiled, becomes corrupted, or changes his or her chosen race. 

Recommended for
Experienced to Expert Level Players
  A Demon is a underworld creature that seeks to bring about chaos and destruction to the world and its people. They are feared and hated by the White Wings.

All Demons take water damage like an Ender man.

They heal when standing on magma blocks and earn a slight buff to their defense when in the nether.


(The Mining race)



white Wisps
(angles of Good)



Dark Mage
(angles of Doom)





 A Dwarf is a mythical creature who love digging holes and mining ores. They are very skilled in covert attacks while they live and thrive underground. They are very smart and are known to love gold and precious minerals. They are also the only merchants that strike hard bargains. 

 The white wisps are the protectors of the humans. They serve the gods and are feared and hated by the Dark Mages.

 The Dark Mages were once good angels but either disobeyed the gods wishes or were banished to the surface as punishment for their wrong doings. They sometimes seek revenge for their misfortunes by praying upon the humans and other races. It is very rare that a black wing is said to return to a pure state seeing as their souls are corrupted by an unknown force.

The Reaper is a unique race of underworld creatures. They serve to protect the underworld and often make deals for people who have died and/or or are near death. It is not uncommon that these creatures will make player's deals in exchange for his or her life back. But Be Warned, you're making a deal with death itself!

This chart is subject to change at any time. 
Please refer here for any and all changes.