Warning about James Home Improvement

A warning to consumers about shoddy construction work and irresponsible behavior.

Would you think it would take three months to get a townhouse re-roofed?

Would you think the contractor would break a window, not complete the work, and leave approximately 650 pounds of bagged trash on public property adjoining your home?

Neither did we. But that's exactly what happened. Which is why we created this site—to caution prospective customers of James Sherlock, dba James Home Improvement Services of Merrifield, Va. and/or Sterling, Va.

Sherlock came with good references and was a likeable, credible contractor, which is what made the poor quality of work and service all the more disappointing. Among the issues we had:

• Workers broke a window, which was eventually "fixed" with duct tape and plastic sheeting until repeated phone calls were made, and then semi-professionally replaced.

• While removing old shingles, workers left spots of asphalt and glue across all walls and exterior surfaces of the house. Again, no attempts to clean up the mess were made until after repeated phone calls, and many spots were missed.

• Most (but not all) work debris was piled into large, 100-pound trash bags, then dumped on top of a storm drain in plain sight on public property adjoining our home. Repeated phone calls over a six-week period demanding it be removed went unanswered, and ultimately we had to have it removed at our own expense.

All this, for a project that should have taken two working days, at most. Did I mention it took nearly three months for the work to be done?

 And to add insult to injury, the quality of work was extremely poor. A drip guard was improperly installed, directing rainwater in the wrong direction and making a mess. Again, repeated phone calls asking the contractor to honor his written warranty and address this (simple to fix) problem went unanswered.

Hopefully, this will give you some impression of the quality of work to expect from this contractor. 

 Disclaimer: This site is in no way associated with James Sherlock or James Home Improvement Services of Sterling, Va. and/or Merrifield, Va. It is an attempt to provide consumers with important information before choosing to work with home improvement contractors.

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