Terms when buying a puppy from me

My terms to you are to give you the healthiest puppy I can.  I vaccinate with their 1st puppy shot and worm them and they have a vet check before they leave.  If there is a problem I will contact you and if you decide to keep the puppy then you are responsible for that puppy.  If you decide to not take that puppy this would be the only reason I give a refund of deposits. I do not refund deposits just because you change your mind.  The deposit is  non-refundable. 

1.  A deposit is required to hold a puppy until it is ready to go to it's forever home.  A $100.00 deposit for a puppy that's final cost is up to $500.00.  A $200.00 Deposit for any puppy over $500.00. This deposit is non refundable.

2.  I do not pay for shipping ever.  and Shipping includes the vet visit to get the health certificate and the health certificate cost and the crate cost.  

3.  I do not hold a puppy for more than a week waiting for the deposit to reach me.  If I do not receive it in this time it may be sold to the next person.

4.  If you can not pick up the puppy when it is ready to go, you will be charged boarding fees unless other arrangements were made with me first.  Boarding fees are $5.00 a day.

5.   Not all puppies are registered, please make sure to ask. 

6.  I do not take personal checks.  I do take paypal for the deposit but you must add 3% since paypal charges to use their site.  When picking up the puppy, cash, money order or cashier's checks only.  

7.  If you make arrangements with me to meet half way or for me to bring the puppy closer to you for pick up a Gas fee will be charged.  

8.     I don not pay for your gas, I do not refund the amount of your gas, I do not give refunds because you change your mind.  I always will take a puppy back because I feel I can provide it a good home.  I don't refund vet bills because you decide to give the puppy back and have spent money on the dog while in your care. This is a living being, it deserves your utmost responsibility and care.  Please be mindful of that.!!!!!