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Goats- Nigerian Dwarf    

 Carmella's babies. one buck and one  doe. They went to live with Auntie Allie and are doing very well.   The buck is the buckskin one.  He looks white and black in the picture. His dad is stinky the chocolate and white and mom is carmella the gold one.

Angel-- She is stinky and taffy's little girl.  She looks like daddy. 

 Stinky--my Purebred, registered with american goat soc. nigerian dwarf.  He is such a cool goat.  goes for rides in the car and everything...This is him when he was a baby.  as an adult is below.Stinky now live on a bigger farm with lots of girlfriends. He is one happy camper!!!

Mia is my special little girl , she is a nigora, a nigerian and angora hybrid.  She is just such a sweetie...