Waiting For Daylight 

A ghazal

A ghazal is made up of couplets where each couplet ends with the same word or short phrase. Each couplet should stand on its own as a short poem in itself, though all are expected to be thematically linked.

-Tiel Aisha Ansari

The inky blackness fades to pale blue as I wait,

I Watch the moon struggle to keep its face visible.


Once I was asked by my true love to wait,

But the one who holds my heart won’t return.


They say that I should just stand and wait,

Even when my future is now my past.


Still, I remember the good times when I did wait,

Those times, when a smile would fill me with hope.


I can no longer stay in this existence and wait,

For my pain is too much for me to bear.


When the sun fully rises, I will no longer wait,

I will leave this mortal life and become no more.


© Bev 2008