Haiku and Senryu

This is where I will keep all of my Haiku and Senryu.  I will be updating this page regularly as I compose more of these poems.

 The latest poems are always added to the top of the page.

 Haiku and Senryu are both a traditional form of poetry. 

 At the simplest level, haiku are verse about nature and humanity, written in a 5-7-5 syllable pattern, while senryu are haiku-like verse but not necessarily about nature.

Selfish secrets threaten

the once sacred truth of life.

Scorned lies now rule.

I've worked all year

I deserve peace and quiet

So leave me alone!

I hear The Beach Boys
I have no choice but to dance

My heart can't stand still


Wisdom mixed with truth,

Humour and viewpoints on life.

Such are blogs today.

Heads bowed in sorrow.
A house built with love, destroyed.
 Time to say goodbye.
Curious brown eyes open
A new home and a new life
A surprise for all


Sitting on gold sand,

Eating greasy fish and chips.

Fine dining, beach style.


Watching romance films

Kissing and snuggling together

Love on a settee


Girls sing-song laughter 

Threading yards of daisy chains

Spring jewels on display


New fathers must learn
Never wake a sleeping baby
Mothers need rest too

Smile.  Remember to smile. 
Laugh at all of the his jokes. 
First dates are the worst


She never suspected 
that she was a handy cover
and that he was gay


Always lost for words

Accusations within silences

Voiceless is this torture 


Do I care too much?

Or do you care too little?

Careful carelessness 


Sour is my sorrow
Honeyed thoughts of happier days
Grief is bittersweet


Look ahead, my eyes
Tomorrow is upon us
Darkness nears it's end


To see a great fish

Look to the deep ocean streams

Puddles are empty


Gold streams of sunlight

Warms humanity from the outside in

Removes nights shadow


Walking in the rain

The water falling from the sky

Cooling burning tears


Who wishes on stars

Dreams the dreams of tomorrow

Come true today


My love, are you near?

I am here crying out for you

Do not make me wait


Offences abounding

Shout and burn an effigy

Stake your claim of hate.

(c) Bev 2007 - 2008