Way Too Easy Casserole

There is absolutely no way to mess this casserole up, except by adding twice the cheese. In this case more is not better. Too much melted cheese may act as an insulator, just like the insulation in your attic to keep the hot air out of your Florida home. The cheese when it melts, will spread out like insulation on top of the potatoes and keep the heat of the oven away from your casserole. Got it!

We are only talking about 4 ingredients here and the rest is my rambling on about nothing.

Way Too Easy Casserole
4-6 adult servings unless one is my nephew and he can eat half
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1 and 1/2 pounds lean ground meat (you can use hamburger, pork, chicken, turkey, lean sausage, or venison - any ground meat will do--or you can use any leftover meat cut up in bite-size pieces. I used leftover meatloaf once. OMG!)

2 cans (12-ounces) condensed cream of almost anything soup or a combination (I usually use cream of celery, mushroom, cream of chicken, or cream of onion - I'm not sure about cream of asparagus, but that might be good)

1-pound packaged frozen or refrigerated potatoes of some kind.(Tater Tots, potatoes O'Brien, hash brown, or shredded. You get the idea)

1 cup shredded cheese (Do Not Double) (I use cheddar, Pepper Jack, Monterrey Jack, or mix a few.

Suggestion: You can put in a thin layer of chopped onion, or a thin layer of vegetables cut in small pieces. Just don't add too many things or the potatoes and cheese on top with burn before the inside gets done.

Put the ground meat in the bottom of the pan, spreading it out as evenly as possible. Press down with your impeccably clean hands, or use the back of a spatula. Make sure you use lean meat because the fat does not drain out.

Spoon 2 cans of cream-of-whatever soup on top of the meat. Using a spatula, spread the soup over the meat evenly.

Put the frozen/refrigerated potatoes on top of the soup in a single-layer. Spread them evenly.

Sprinkle on the cheese of choice to top the potatoes.

DO NOT COVER the casserole with anything. Just throw it in the preheated 400 degree oven and bake it for 35 to 40 minutes, or until the potatoes on top are browned and crispy. Using a glass pan may make it bake a little faster.

No additional seasoning is suggested. However you might like to sprinkle a little Worcestershire sauce.

A green salad and rolls and you are done in less time than it took to read this mess.

Get creative and use up those leftovers.