Pears With Dark Chocolate

It seemed our summer pears were late this year.  Or maybe I'm late getting to them. I should have pick pears yesterday but I'm taking a canning rest.  I'll go today.  I think all my neighbors have pear trees. 

This dessert is so quick and easy you can have it any night of the week.  It is also delicious served over vanilla frozen yogurt.

Serves 4
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4 ripe summer pears
1 cup dark chocolate chips
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 teaspoon sea salt

Slice pears onto four plate, removing the centers and stems.  Arrange slices in a fan pattern.  Carefully melt the chocolate with the vegetable oil over very low heat in a saucepan or in the microwave.  Spoon the warm chocolate over the pears.  Sprinkle sea salt over the chocolate.