Avocado-Shrimp Boats

If I had to choose one food item that I could eat everyday it would have to be avocados. I love them plain with a little salt and pepper or all dolled up as in this recipe. Everyone always says, "but the fat content". Honey, this is good healthy fat. I bet you don't think about the fat content when you are in a hurry and drive through McDonald's. That is bad fat content.

Avocado-Shrimp Boats
6 servings (1 "boat" per serving)
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about 10 ounces thoroughly washed chilled inner leaves of a head of romaine lettuce
3 ripe avocados
30-36 cooked, shelled small to medium-size shrimp, chilled (I prefer to roast shrimp)
9 ripe cherry tomatoes, chilled
1 cup Champagne Dressing recipe follows

Prepare salad just before serving

Tear the romaine into bite-size pieces and make a bed of them on a serving platter.

Carefully peel the avocados, discard the pits and skin, and cut the avocados into halves. Trim a small disc from the bottom of each avocado half so that each one sits flat. Eat the disk trimmings. Arrange the avocados, cut side up, on the bed of greens. Arrange 5-6 chilled shrimp in a sunburst pattern in the hollow of each avocado half. Halve the cherry tomatoes and arrange them around the avocados.

Generously pour the Champagne Dressing over the shrimp-filled avocado "boats" and tomatoes.

Serve at once.